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  • We have been supplying between 120-150 bags of food per week to families staying in hotels, waiting to be housed, since April.
  • Staff and volunteers have put together meal bags, each one with a recipe card. The bag includes every item needed to make a main-course meal. The meals are nutritionally balanced and perfect for people who are just learning to cook. Meal bag recipes include Chicken Noodle Casserole, Tuna Casserole, Green Beans and Chicken Casserole, Hearty Vegetable Casserole, and Chicken Taco Soup.
  • We have expanded our hours to be open Fridays from 10am - 2pm to respond to the needs in our community. This increase in hours has been permanently adopted.
Service Counts: Since March 1, THRIVE has distributed 81,480 pounds of food including 1770 bags of food for the homeless. Summary: THRIVE has distributed 60% more food in 2020 between March and August than we did in 2019 over the same time period. Current Pantry Needs: Please consider donating some of the following items that we are most in need of. Several of these items will help us provide food bags to homeless people* staying in hotels on the Peninsula. These folks only have a mini-fridge and a microwave available to them.
  • Beef Soup
  • Canned fruit
  • Diced Tomatoes
  • Single serve mac & cheese/mashed potato cups*
  • Instant oatmeal packets*
  • Canned pinto beans


Requests & Service Counts Between March 1 – August 31, we have received 998 applications for emergeny rent and utility assistance from Peninsula households. 280 of those applicants are families whose situation has been directly impacted by COVID-19 and their requests amount to $212,300. In that timeframe, we have assisted 172 families, providing an average bill payment of $400, directly to landlords and utility companies. Each funding recipient works with a trained financial coach to build their household budget and connect them with relevant tools for their situation. Summary: We have distributed 40% more funds this year compared to last year, during the same period. Resources for Tenants
The Virginia Poverty Law Center has created excellent resources for tenants to learn their rights during the outbreak.
Click here to view their resource for Rental Tenants
Click here to view their resource for people in staying in Hotels or Motels
Click here to view their eviction flow chart
Click here to view their recommendations on requesting a payment plan from your landlord
Click here to view their FAQ on evictions


The best way to support THRIVE and our efforts is to make a monetary donation that is not restricted for a singular purpose. Our needs are changing constantly so it is best if we can use it where it is needed most. Schedule your donation today by clicking Donate Now or mailing a check to the address at the bottom of the page. Checks can be made out to “THRIVE Peninsula”. All gifts are fully tax-deductible. Please consider becoming a monthly donor so THRIVE can support families in crisis throughout the calendar year. To automatically donate monthly, use the link above and check the "Make this a monthly donation" box.


We have a number of critical volunteer needs! Please visit our Volunteer page to learn more.


Safety Precautions We Are Taking
We have altered our services so we can keep serving local families but keeping everyone safe from infection. We are taking every precaution necessary including:

  1. The building is limited to staff or volunteers only – all donors and recipients will be served outside of our back door
  2. We are quarantining canned good donations for 72 hours and boxed donations for 24 hours as per the CDC’s information on how long the virus can live on different surfaces.
  3. We are regularly sanitizing all surfaces and volunteers and staff are washing hands in between clients.
  4. All personnel is required to wear face masks when inside the building and maintain a 6 foot distance.
  5. Financial coaching appointments are held over the phone for the elderly or high at risk population. All others appointments are conducted inside the building; the coach and client are separated by a large plastic sneeze guard, with masks and face shields provided to all parties.
Want to learn more? Click here to view our safety guidelines.
Do you know someone who needs assistance?
Check out www.thrivepeninsula.org/help for details on how to receive our services. Thank you for your steadfast support of our mission. Please take action today to help us lift up our neighbors in need during this unprecedented emergency.


Click here to read the stories of families we have helped during the COVID-19 crisis. This is only a small sampling of the impact we have had thanks to our partners and donors.

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